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Student Access to Online Accounts

New students should establish access to their university accounts as soon as possible, as listed in the New Student Checklist.  Vital information is sent to student university email accounts or is posted in their Web Advisor account for them.  Access to information from all of their instructors outside of class (even for face-to-face classes) is available in their class websites in D2L (Desire 2 Learn) and important communications can come individually through their Starfish accounts. Use the tabs below to find information about setting up these accounts. [NOTE: SDSU students should set up their Web Advisor accounts first. They will find information about their email accounts there, as well as their Web Advisor user names & passwords.]

  • Because every CUC student has a home university, from which his/her degree will be granted, all CUC students should be aware of their home university student portal access. There will be forms, access to your email and D2L accounts, and other important information available within this portal. Follow instructions at the appropriate university portal for you to set up your access to your portal. Follow instructions within the site to set up other student accounts as well, such as email, Web Advisor, D2L, and/or Starfish.

    My BHSU                  My DSU                My NSU                 MyState (SDSU)                  My USD

  • Once you are registered for classes, if you didn’t already set up your email account through your university’s student portal, you can contact your home university’s support or help desk with your student ID number and find out your university email address and temporary password, or use their website link below to set up your email account.
    SDSU       1-605-688-6776
    BHSU      1-605-642-6580
    USD    1-605-677-5028
    DSU        1-605-256-5675
    NSU    1-605-626-2283
    SDSM&T  1-605-394-1295

    Use the university email link for your home university on the lower right side of our homepage and set up your account with a new password.

  • Click on the Web Advisor link for your home university on the lower right side of our homepage and use the “What’s My Username and Reset My Password” button to set up your account.  Keep track of your user id and password because they will be the same for your Desire 2 Learn (D2L) account.

    Remember to use the Confirm your Attendance link in the top section of the initial Web Advisor screen to confirm your registration as soon as possible every fall and spring semester.  

  • Because your Desire 2 Learn (D2L) account user id and password are the same as those for your Web Advisor account, click on the D2L link on the lower right side of our homepage and make sure that your access will be ready for your first day of class.  If your class is not listed yet, the instructor may not have made it visible to students yet.  If the class is still not listed in D2L on the date that Web Advisor says the class will start, contact your instructor as soon as possible so that you don’t miss any assignments or important information.  
  • Click on the Starfish link under the Communication function in Web Advisor, or on the banner in D2L to access the Starfish login page. Your login credentials will be the same as your Web Advisor user name and password. Click on your name on the function banner across the top of  the Starfish homepage to set up your profile.  You will be able to set notifications to come to an email address other than your student email account if you choose.

    Starfish is used by instructors to raise flags or give kudos to students for attendance, homework, test scores, and so on. Students’ advisors will also see these flags or kudos, so don’t be surprised if you receive an email from an advisor if you get a Starfish notification. Your advisors are rooting for your success, too. Remember to contact your advisor if you are feeling overwhelmed with Starfish flags or if you want to share the good news of some kudos. 

If you run into trouble with this technology, support is available from your home university at one of these numbers:

SDSU       1-605-688-6776 BHSU      1-605-642-6580
USD    1-605-677-5028 DSU        1-605-256-5675
NSU    1-605-626-2283 SDSM&T  1-605-394-1295