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Equal Opportunity/Title IX


EO-TitleIXCapital University Center’s Goal is to be Inclusive and Safe

Administratively part of South Dakota State University, CUC follows their policies in maintaining a discrimination and harassment free environment. Please reference SDSU’s Equal Opportunity & Affirmative Action Website here.

South Dakota State University has a well-established commitment to maintaining a campus environment free from discrimination and harassment, as articulated by federal and state law, and University policy.  Compliance is very important.

South Dakota State University offers equal opportunities in employment and for access to and participation in educational, athletic, extension and other institutional services and activities to all persons qualified by academic preparation, experience, and ability for the various levels of employment or academic program or other institutional service, without discrimination based on sex, race, color, creed, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, gender, gender identification, transgender, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, genetic information or veteran status or on any other status that may become protected under law against discrimination.

The Title IX/EEO Coordinator ensures fair and equitable processes and provides a venue for resolving discrimination and harassment concerns. SDSU is committed to maintaining an inclusive environment for individuals of all backgrounds by providing training to all faculty, staff and students. We will investigate and resolve any discrimination and harassment complaints.

The principles of Equal Opportunity apply to faculty, staff, students, and members of the public. Students, staff and other individuals are encouraged to contact the Title IX/EEO Coordinator, with questions and concerns at (605) 688-4128 or

Reporting Concerns To report your concerns, you are welcome to speak directly to the Title IX/EEO Coordinator.  SDSU has recently adopted a Compliance Hotline that offers two additional ways to report concerns:

  • Toll-Free Reporting: 1-844-880-0004
  • Web Reporting:  Click Here

CUC students with other South Dakota Board of Regents universities as their home/degree-granting universities may also report concerns as stated above.  The SDSU Title IX/EEO Coordinator will handle your concern or forward the information to the appropriate University Title IX/EEO Coordinator.